are you experienced?

Are you experienced in architecture? Do you have a direct experience in profession, research, construction, and want to share with a community of passionate readers?

Experience and Architecture is an open box, is the place to collect and spread reflexions, ideas, narrations related to any architectural issue: built environment, landscape, cities, sustainability, design. There is no limit to the range of subjects; the point is that they have to be directly related to your personal experience, in that moment and in that place. A true and direct experienced narration. EaA is an attempt to better comprehend the world of architecture through a deep description, a faithful report, with a glocal spirit; as broad as possible, as local as possible.

EaA will build links between ideas and built architecture. EaA will connect architects, researchers, users, will make them share ideas and reflexions on their experience of architecture.

EaA is not a place to publish your work, competitions results, news, travel reports, though project’s images, drawings, photographs are welcome within any article.

Out of the mainstream, we believe that there are a lot of people that have many interesting ideas about architecture to share: EaA is looking for them to start this new online review.

_ fabio zorza


























































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